Tea & Strumpets is a lively and engaging podcast dedicated entirely to Historical Romance! Join hosts and friends Zoë and Kelsey each episode as they discuss all the steamy (and sometimes tepid) details of the Regency Romance genre. And since the regency technically only lasted 9 years, generally we're talking post-wigs but pre-telephone! Find us wherever you download podcasts!

Also, it's 2021, Shakespeare. We're taking Strumpets back!


Zoë regrets to tell everyone about her long list of food allergies but has resolved to do so for her stomach's own good.  Her recent accomplishments include moving halfway across the world and back again, obtaining dual citizenship, and regrowing half of her liver. Her most prized possessions are her 20 copies of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone," all in different languages, as she buys one in each country she visits that has a new language she encounters. If you're lucky, you may catch Zoë in her natural habitat, either in a barn or on a horse. 

Zoë Wernick


Kelsey Lubbe

Kelsey has come to the realization that ninety percent of the pictures on her phone are of animals, the majority of which feature her dog, Daisy. Since she did not learn how to read full sentences until the ripe old age of seven, she has spent her life making up for that at every opportunity. Her other life achievements consist of actually getting up the nerve to bake bread from scratch (which was deemed edible), being able to french braid her own hair, and keeping a houseplant alive for over five years (despite it trying to die on multiple occasions). Her motto in life is “Work hard, sleep hard, and never say no to a glass of wine”.