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006 - The Duke And I

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Warning: This episode contains discussions of consent and sexual assault. The ladies of Tea & Strumpets have done it, they've jumped on the Bridgerton train! How could they not when it's such a defining series in the genre?! From a prologue that tugs heavily on our heartstrings, to our heroine making seriously questionable choices, there was a lot more going on in this book than was expected. We put on our 2019 lenses and get serious about how this one makes us feel. So All Aboard the Bridgerton Express for a discussion of Julia Quinn's first Bridgerton novel: "The Duke and I". **Spoilers, we get into all details.**

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Today's recommendation came from listener Funmi, who is @when_funmi_met_romance on Instagram. She recommends Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins. Pick up your copy here!

Want to hear a snippet? Listen below!

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