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008 - The Governess Affair

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

This episode we have a couple of firsts! Our first novella! Our first hotel room recording! Join us as we chat about The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan, a novella that, let’s be honest, sets the bar for all novellas. Courtney Milan truly played upon all of our emotions in a short amount of pages. We were brought to our metaphorical knees by a twig! A TWIG! And don’t get us started on hairpins as a currency to build trust. *SWOON!* We’ve got a fantastic heroine on a transformative journey who finds her voice and it’s funny and fierce as hell. Oh, and one of the best marriage proposals (and rejections) ever. **Spoilers. We get into allllll the details!** TW: Rape

Our book recommendation this week from listener Mazey (or on Instagram) was Dalliances and Devotion by Felicia Grossman.

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Really enjoyed Hugo and Serena's story. First time I had read it. I have read some of Courtney Milan novels but not even sure if they were the Sinister ones or not, so I am looking forward to reading them all. Pugilist is pronounced with a soft g like pujilist :) Thanks for your lovely review of the novella. I would give it a 9 as well for a great novella, which is a difficult thing to achieve.

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