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012 - What I Did For A Duke

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Pennyroyal Green we have missed you! This next installment did not disappoint and for one of our hosts it was even better than the book before! Julie Anne Long delighted us with her witty back and forth dialogue, while also giving us a heroine who is not afraid to make her own decisions. Plus while our hero of a Duke has a dark and dangerous exterior, we learn he’s an absolute softy when it comes to the woman he loves. *sigh* Plus we got beautiful renaissance visuals by way of a famous Titian painting that was seen as scandalous. So let us sidle on over for another Sussex tale! *Spoilers! Do you want to hear our Spoilers!?* This episode we reference the following works of art: 

Support the show and pick up a copy of this episode's book, What I Did For A Duke, here!

Our book recommendation this week was The Demon Duke by Margaret Locke. 20% of the profits from each sale of The Demon Duke go to the Tourette Association of America.

Check out a short clip from the episode below!

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