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013 - An Offer From A Gentleman

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

We’re back aboard the Bridgerton Express, arriving at station stop Benedict! Join us this week for a stunning Cinderella story spun by our favorite fairy godmother, Julia Quinn! We get all the classics - an evil stepmother, a masked ball, and a Mysterious lady who disappears at midnight, and that’s only part one! Two years have gone by when suddenly our hero and heroine are reunited. Yet, it’s not quite the reunion we were expecting... We were once again reduced to sighs of longing and giggles from Bridgerton sibling wit. We’re reading An Offer from a Gentleman by Julia Quinn and cannot wait to see how this HEA comes to be!! **Stop! Spoiler time!**

Support the show and pick up a copy of this weeks' book, An Offer from a Gentleman, here!

Want to hear a snippet before diving into the full ep? Check one out below!

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