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014 - Once Upon A Christmas Eve

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

It’s officially December, so we’re going full-holiday on you all! That special time of year where you spend time with loved ones...or with a family you happen to come across when your carriage breaks down in a snowstorm with Grandma inside! Even if you’re like our hero Adam and not that into Christmas, it’s hard not to find joy from an almost-kiss while hunting down holly for the Christmas Ball. Or better yet - from a bit of action under the stairs while everyone else is occupied with parlor games! Miss Sarah St. John is about to learn that the best-made plans don’t always come to be - sometimes you can try to push away any and all rakes and a snowstorm will just blow a silver-tongued charmer into your home! Elizabeth Hoyt’s Once Upon a Christmas Eve is a festive novella that seems just right for a bit of holiday reading by the fire. **Spoilers all the way!**

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Listen to a snippet from this week's episode below!

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Dec 08, 2019

Thank you @layach672! So good to know!! :)


Jiles rather than a hard G. Basically, the British pronounce most things the opposite of what we Americans would think it was pronounced :) Apparently, we Americans pronounce words like the British would have in the 1600s whereas they have moved on and we never have. We are cousins separated by a common language, as they say.

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