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017 - Romancing Mr. Bridgerton

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

It’s the middle of the season and everyone is bored. What is a lady to do? Why, solve a mystery of course! Lady Danbury has tasked the ton with unmasking their favorite gossip, Lady Whistledown! However, this crusade is just the backdrop for our latest Bridgerton tale.

Colin Bridgerton has recently returned from travels abroad and for some reason, he discovers that spinster Penelope Featherington is the person he most wants to spend time with. Penelope is not about to protest, but she is shocked to find that Colin is not just the charmer she’s been in love with for 12 years. That being said, Penelope is also not the person she thought she was either - maybe, just maybe, she is something more...and Colin’s heart is unprepared. We’re reading an absolute favorite of the Bridgerton Series: Romancing Mr. Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. **Spoilers and more!** 

This episode contained information researched and found within the following articles:

They all include so much more than we were able to include - we highly recommend you check them out! We also referenced an essay written by Julia Quinn regarding her writer origin story and the history of the creation of Lady Whistledown herself! Check that out, here. (You really don't want to miss it!)

Happy reading and listening!

Check out a short clip from the episode below!

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