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025 - My Beautiful Enemy

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

This week, we've got a heartbreaking yet heartwarming tale of adventure, treasure, fate, and fighting! Our two main characters seem destined for each other - but after their first meeting, while they shared an epic love, they didn't share their names with each other! Will they even ever cross paths again? It seems fate is ready to intervene eight years later, as these two lethal lovebirds meet again many, many miles away. Sherry Thomas weaves a magical tale between China and England in My Beautiful Enemy, and she gives us a truly badass heroine to rave about! Plus we've got an extra special treat for our listeners today - which we'll announce in the parlor! Stay tuned, and stay on your toes! **Sword fightin' Spoilers in this one!**

Support the show and pick up a copy of this week's book, My Beautiful Enemy by Sherry Thomas, here!

Thank you again so much to Maya Rodale for sharing her amazing audio scene from An Heiress to Remember with us all! 

Preorder An Heiress to Remember, out March 31st, 2020 here! Pick up the first two books in the series here! Join Maya's mailing list here! And listen to the clip again, here! To enter our giveaway for a signed copy for An Heiress to Remember, visit and fill out the form by March 12th, 2020. Thank you to all who entered, congratulations to the winner!

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