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034 - Scarlett Peckham Talks The Rakess

We all know the reformed Rake trope. He’s out doing his thing with the ladies but suddenly he meets THE ONE and he opens his heart to love and marriage. It’s a classic and a favorite of many a romance reader. The Rakess is not that book. Our rake is our Heroine and while she meets a man who makes her rethink her party-hardy lifestyle, she is not about to turn away from her core values. Also, our hero is not a virgin and he likes it spicy in the bedroom. For your hosts, this book was akin to a revelation so we had to talk to the author herself and get the inside scoop! We had a fantastic afternoon chat with Scarlett Peckham and we deep-dived into her world of the Society of Sirens. We spoke all about her new book and what makes it the game changer we are embracing with arms open wide. **if you don’t like SPOILERS, you may need to do some homework** 

Pick up a copy of Scarlett Peckham's The Rakess, here!

Want to listen to a certain segment? Here is our outline this week:

0:00 - 01:52: Intro

01:52 - 1:08:09: Interview/Discussion on The Rakess

1:08:09 - 1:14:46: Outro

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