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048 - Writing Romance for Today's Reader with Lyssa Kay Adams and Kristin Rockaway

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Back in May, cohost Zoë had the fabulous opportunity to partner with her local library to moderate a series of chats with Romance Authors! In this series, you'll get to hear from a variety of authors spanning many romance subgenres and topics! Our first chat was with Contemporary romance authors Lyssa Kay Adams (The Bromance Book Club) and Kristin Rockaway (She's Faking It) where we discussed how these two weave amazing tales that today's reader can relate to.

Thank you so much to the Escondido Library and librarian Jessica Buck for inviting us to participate in these fabulous chats. If you'd like to watch the videos from this series, check them out here!

Thank you to Lyssa Kay Adams & Kristin Rockaway for joining us this week!

Be sure to check out Lyssa's The Bromance Book Club and Kristin's She's Faking It!

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