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078 - It Started with a Scandal

Elise Fountain has never met a challenge she could not rise to, and that includes being the housekeeper for a grumpy, convalescing Lord Lavay. Lavay is not used to being laid low, especially when time is running out to secure an influx of funds to buy back his childhood home. Through sheer determination and cheerful optimism, Elise slowly wins over the recalcitrant staff and also wins over the hardened heart of a very deserving Lord. Join us for It Started with a Scandal - the penultimate Pennyroyal Green novel by Julie Anne Long! **We cannot discuss scandals without SPOILERS**

Want to listen to a certain segment? Here is our outline this week:

0:00 - 06:20: Intro/History Facts

06:20 - 22:18: Synopsis

22:18 - 26:54: Parlour

26:54 - 56:08: General Discussion

Kelsey referenced a BBC article about the French Aristocracy, which you can find here.

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