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082 - Pennyroyal Series Wrap-Up & Your Questions Answered!

From gallows to galleries to galleys, from spiders to sea monsters to Spain, we've read our way through the eleven books of the Pennyroyal Green Series by the amazing Julie Anne Long and today we're talking about the whole, absolutely fabulous experience. Plus we're answering listener questions annnnnd discussing what series we should read next! **The whole dang episode is full of spoilers!!**

If you'd like to see all of our ratings that we discussed during the episode, you can take a look at our spreadsheet, here.

Want to listen to a certain segment of today's episode? Our outline is below:

Intro: 0:00 - 01:23

Your Questions Answered: 01:23 - 29:01

Parlour: 29:01 - 30:42

Pennyroyal Series Reflections: 30:42 - 54:02

Podcast Reflections: 54:02 - 59:54

Next Series Discussion/Outro: 59:54 - 01:08:53

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