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092 - Bombshell

Sesily Talbot has lived her life in the spotlight as one of the ton's favorite troublemakers - and she likes it that way. She uses her reputation as cover for her missions with the Hell's Belles - a group of women with special skills that dole out retribution when the more conventional channels don't. Caleb Calhoun has secrets that are just a tiny tinder away from fully exploding and completely changing his world. He doesn't have time for distractions - and he can never let himself get too close to anyone else lest they get burned in his downfall. But for some reason, he can't resist Sesily's bold ways, even with an ocean separating them. Will sparks turn into fireworks? Or will their love combust all that they've tried to build? We're reading Bombshell by Sarah MacLean! **Tick tick BOOM! Spoilers!**

Grab your copy of the book we read today, Bombshell, by Sarah MacLean!

Want to listen to a certain segment? Here is our outline this week:

0:00 - 07:21: Intro/History Fact

07:21 - 12:12: Teaser Synopsis

12:12 - 16:04: Parlour

16:04 - 49:34: General Discussion

We include our synopses as a semi-transcription of the episode in our blog posts. You can learn more about how we compose these by reading this article. As a reminder though, our synopses are FULL of spoilers. Read ahead at your own risk :)

Bombshell Synopsis:

Today's synopsis is more of a teaser as we're doing this episode close to the release of the book, and the mystery is a big part of the story.

  • Lady Sesily Talbot is known for her reckless conduct, her disinterest for society’s opinion about her, and for her jawdropping beauty. She enjoys the freedom that spinsterhood allows her, but isn’t opposed to marriage if she could find a partner in crime *ahem* not crime, per say, but rather retribution.

  • For Sesily is a member of Hell’s Bells, a select group of women with special skills who provide support to the underprivileged and dole out retribution when warranted. They are lead by the Duchess of Trevescan, and their current objective is to discover who is behind the raids on women-owned clubs throughout the city.

  • Caleb Calhoun is an American businessman who is partners with Sesily’s sister, Seraphina, coowning a bar. When Sesily met Caleb she immediately fell for him, but she never could crack his hard exterior. Perhaps, the reader wonders, is it that he was the one man who wouldn’t succumb to her charms, or perhaps it was something else, but irregardless, our book begins on a reminisce about their last meeting - where it was decidedly clear that he did not want Sesily.

  • Of course this is not true, and Caleb has been doing his best to keep away from Sesily, because he has a Secret with a capital S that means he can’t get close to anyone - for if his enemies found out, they would surely use any weakness they could exploit.

  • However, fate continues to intervene and intertwine our hero and heroine. Seraphina knows Sesily is up to something and begs Caleb to watch out for her reckless sister. Sesily is up to something, and through the course of her investigations, they continue to be thrown together and sparks fly. For example quote

    • “What makes you think I had anything to do with it?”

    • “Because you’re rich and beautiful, with the freedom that comes with both of those.” “You think I’m beautiful?” she asked, as though everything was perfectly normal.

    • “I think you’re fucking fearless, which makes you incredibly dangerous.” She peered around him, watching as the unsuspecting earl climbed the steps to return to the ballroom.

    • “Dangerous to whom?” she asked, casually, as though they were anywhere but here. To me. Caleb swallowed the response. “To yourself.” She cut him a quick look, then returned her attention to the earl.

    • “Nonsense. I did exactly what any good girl should do when she gets herself into trouble.”

    • “And what’s that?” She smiled.

    • “I found a proper hero to protect me.”

  • The two share tremendous banter while Sesily shamelessly flirts and tempts Caleb throughout our story. She is a strong, independent spirit, and doesn’t need him to reply to keep the conversation or tension going, with moments like quote

    • “You catch more flies with honey. Not that you’ve ever tried that with me.”

    • “I’ve no intention of catching you, Sesily.”

    • “Yes, yes, you’ve made that abundantly clear,” she said, and for a heartbeat he thought he heard an edge in the words, before she flashed him a bright smile. “Though I can’t imagine why not. I’m a lovely fly.”

  • And Caleb is the stoic, silent type who’s like a lit powderkeg, ready to explode with emotion. quote

    • But what if she needed him? What if she had trouble breathing in the night? What if the men who’d attacked in Covent Garden found her here? What if they’d been followed? Caleb hadn’t been in his right mind; he should have paid closer attention. He could have put her in danger. Again. So he returned, warm milk in hand, up the stairs. Telling himself that he was acting with nobility. Protecting the lady. Fucking gentlemanlike.

  • The two continue to meet while investigating the raids because the force behind them ends up being tied to Caleb’s past. Their attraction finally proves too strong and Caleb gives in to Sesily’s charms, but cannot give himself fully for fear of that past catching up with him. But in the (almost) end, Sesily uncovers enough of his past that he has to admit pieces of it to keep her safe.

  • Which lands him in JAIL, even though Sesily had asked Caleb to wait a bit and PLEASE let her take care of things. MEN!

  • But Caleb being incarcerated does not deter the Hell’s Bells. They simply needed a touch more time to get things organized for saving the day. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have an explosives expert on your team when you need a jailbreak!

  • And in the end, a happily ever after is awaiting our hero and heroine. With business in America and London there’s adventure to be had. And Sesily is certainly one never to turn down the chance of excitement.

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