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126 - The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright

This novella may have more letters in it's title than pages! Despite it's long name, this novella is a gem of a story that follows the meeting and eventual romance between Mr. Right and Miss Eliza Cade. They are kindred spirits who find themselves thrown together over the years and at each meeting grow closer. Join us as we read, The Scandalous, Dissolute, No Good Mr. Wright by Tessa Dare!

If you'd like to listen to a certain segment of our show, here's our outline this week:

0:00 - 05:01: Intro, Author Fact

05:01 - 10:45: Synopsis

10:45 - 11:34: Parlour

11:34 - 31:56: General Discussion

We include our synopses as a semi-transcription of the episode in our blog posts. You can learn more about how we compose these by reading this article. As a reminder though, our synopses are FULL of spoilers. Read ahead at your own risk :)

The Scandalous, Dissolute, No Good Mr. Wright Synopsis :

  • Eighteen year old Eliza Cade wishes she could join her sisters as a debutant of the ton but due to an incident at fourteen, she is not permitted to be out until all her sisters marry.

  • She has just been complaining of this to her sister Georgie as she spies in her eldest sister's engagement ball.

    • This is the year my bosoms finally arrived, and now he’ll never notice.” “Eliza. I would think you’d rather be noticed for your lively personality.” “Yes. You would think that,” she replied. “I’m not you.”

  • It is after her sister leaves that she finds they were not alone in the morning room. Turns out Mr. Write, the ton's most scandalous future Duke, was there the whole time.

  • Upon meeting Eliza, Harry is struck by how similar they are. And he tells her so

    • He said, “It’s not so bad, you know.” Just walk on. Ignore him. He’s only teasing, baiting—hoping you’ll ask. “What isn’t?” she asked. Eliza, you fool. “Being us.” “Us? I can’t imagine what you mean.” He tamed a stray wisp of her hair. “I mean there are two kinds of people in this world, Eliza. Those who are good, and those who are interesting. You’re young yet, but you’ll see in time. It’s not so bad being on this side.”

  • He flirts with her a bit but only so that he can keep her from being seen leaving a room with him by the woman he was actually supposed to meet.

  • Eliza, thinking he would kiss her, is embarrassed by the encounter after he tells her he will not and decides he is just as the rumors portray.

  • A year later, they find each other again. This time at the country house of their eldest sister who is expecting. Eliza is still not out and is waiting for her sister Philippa to find a beau.

  • She thinks Philippa would be a great match for Harry’s friend, but he tells her it would be a horrible match.

  • They bicker and flirt and all the time Harry is trying to tell Eliza she is special and different but she is still too young to hear it.

  • After an enjoyable summer constantly being thrown together, inevitably they part but this time they do briefly kiss.

  • Now almost two years later they meet again at Philippa’s daughters christening. Eliza finds Harry is to be the godfather and is shocked by her sister’s poor choice. However she soon learns that no good Mr. Wright is actually not so bad as the gossips suspect and in fact he’s really very caring by nature and has just decided to live with the choices he has made in the past instead of trying to change society’s mind.

  • This time they part as friends and there is hope that more will come. However, Harry knows Eliza has been waiting for her to come out longer than any lady normally must wait and he knows how important it is for her. So he does not want to tie her down.

  • Another few months pass and Harry has an invitation to Eliza’s debut. He honestly does not know if he can go. To watch her success would be marvelous but he does not know if he can watch her flirt and be courted by the younger men.

  • Then disaster strikes. Her sister Georgie’s fiancé is killed on his way back to England from fighting in France. Meaning not only great tragedy for Georgie but also no come out for Eliza. Harry runs to comfort her.

  • Under the awning of this horrific event they continue building the connection. With Harry comforting and telling her it is okay to mourn her loss as well as Georgie’s. He also tells her that he is going to war.

  • Eliza is heartbroken he is leaving and tells him that if he is potentially going to die, she wants one night in his arms.

    • “You’re right. There are many reasons why this would be a bad idea. But I can think of one reason why we ought to go through with it anyway.” “What’s that?” “We might never have another chance.” Her blue eyes met his. “I don’t want to spend my whole life wondering what might have been.”

  • So we have our encounter and then they part with no promises.

  • Two years later: A wedding is waiting on the bride. Eliza is standing in the vestibule with the bouquet when Harry bursts through the doors and tells her not to do it.

    • His eyes flashed with anger and hurt. “This is a wedding. What happened to, ‘I’ll wait for you, Harry’?” “What happened to, ‘Don’t wait for me, Eliza’?” She stared at him, wide eyed with amazement. “You told me you’d never marry me. You said we had no future.” “Yes, but you weren’t supposed to believe me. In all the years of our acquaintance, when have I ever given you cause to believe a word I say?”

  • Chuckling, Eliza tells Harry it is not her wedding and she did, in fact, wait for him. He tells her that he does not want her to sacrifice her come out but does not want to wait to marry her. She tells him that she’ll settle for a big wedding instead.

  • The end!

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