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A bit about our Synopses...

To transcribe or not to transcribe episodes...what a silly question! Because transcriptions are wonderful and bring what you're making to a wider audience. However, the reality of right now for us at Tea & Strumpets is that we don't quite have the time or budget to do full episode transcriptions. What we did realize though, is that a good portion of our episodes are already transcribed, since we script our book recap/synopsis portion. So, why not share it with you all here on the blog?

Well, we hmmm'd and haaaw'd for a little while, because our transcriptions aren't perfect. So here are a few things to know about the synopses you'll see on our blog:

1) They are written for us to read.

This means that you'll see things like the word "quote" a lot before quotes (so we don't forget to say it!) or pronunciations of certain words phonetically next to the word.

2) They may include spelling and grammar mistakes.

We do run a general spell check on these, but they aren't highly edited. We apologize for any mistakes, and if there are any egregious ones you notice, please feel free to reach out to us via our email and we can correct it for the blog!

3) Quotation marks won't be correct.

We're fast and loose with our quotation marks in our synopsis, but we do italicize all quotes. Anything you see in brackets is not part of the quote, [something like] that.

4) Some quotes are abbreviated and we do not notate this in the document.

Occasionally, we have a quote that is long, or has stuff in between that isn't necessary for the synopsis. We try to symbolize this with an ellipsis (...) but occasionally we forget.

5) It isn't a perfect script of what we say in the episode.

Sometimes we freestyle, because we're human and get excited about things, or come up with a better way to say it on the fly :)

6) It is in a bulleted format.

Because that's the easiest for us to read from!

So, that should cover it! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us through email. We appreciate your support!

Happy listening, and now, happy reading!

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