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Blush Magazine

Hey friends, are you ready to Blush?

Blush Magazine is for all of us romance readers who want more than ‘The End’. It's a digital magazine that takes us beyond the pages of our favorite books - to meet our favorite authors. Blush is the first editorial-based magazine focused solely on the romance novel industry. They interview authors, follow trends, delve into tropes and the many intricacies specific to the romance genre.

The magazine provides insightful, thought-provoking, and fun editorial content on a monthly basis.

Interested? Blush has an option for a monthly digital subscription and a yearly discount as well. And when you subscribe you:

  • Gain immediate access to the current issue

  • Can read EVERY back issue of the magazine

  • Are automatically entered to exclusive giveaways

  • Start receiving the bonus content + have access to free downloadables

So head on over to to learn more and subscribe today!

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