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Bookstore Romance Day

Bookstore Romance Day is a day designed to give independent bookstores an opportunity to celebrate Romance fiction—its books, readers, and writers—and to strengthen the relationships between bookstores and the Romance community. This year, Bookstore Romance Day is Saturday, August 15, 2020!

And why are we talking about Bookstore Romance Day? Well, they have decided to separate from RWA as they don’t approve of their actions over the holidays, which means they're separating themselves from one of their sponsors. But Bookstore Romance day is such a GREAT thing for romance and romance fans, that we really want to help keep it going! But that's not all they do - they also have an online book club! In their own words:

It has always been the goal of Bookstore Romance Day to foster a relationship between the Romance community and independent bookstores all year ’round because, like any good relationship, you can’t just show your love one day a year and then go your separate ways for the other 36[5].

Every quarter they pick two books in two different Romance sub-genres quarterly and hold discussions online (FB, Twitter, Goodreads). The discussion of their current books is slated to take place in May, with the discussion of new titles in August (in time for BRD celebrations)! Plus, if you happen to be in any of the area's of Bookstore Romance Day's physical stores, they also have in-person discussions happening as well. You can find out all the information about this on their website.

So, what else can we do right now? We can help them achieve their goals. If you'd like to donate to help keep Bookstore Romance Day happening, head on over to

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