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Giveaway Details!

Hey folks, you may have heard on Instagram and Twitter, but we’ve got an awesome giveaway going on! There’s a LOT of content out there, and as a new podcast, it’s hard to be moved to the top of anyone’s queue! But, the truth is that in the first couple months of a podcasts’ existence, a little traction can go a long way. So we’ve come up with a fun way to incentivize y’all to help us out AND get you hooked on your new favorite podcast! (heh, well, us girls can hope!)

Enter now through September 25th! Be sure to head on over to our Instagram for a fun video too!


  • A sweet Tea & Strumpets swag bookmark

  • A beautiful enamel pin from Etsy store Ectogasm with an awesome Jane Austen-inspired quote

  • A sassy notebook for your musings that reads “Strange Ideas and Impure Thoughts”

  • A signed copy of Tessa Dare's The Governess Game

  • A $25 gift certificate to The Ripped Bodice so you can get your books AND support independent bookstores (they ship!).

  • A custom, handcrafted, incredibly gorgeous embroidery made with love by cohost Zoë (If the winners’ pronoun isn’t ‘she’ i will remake it to read they/them).


It’s really as simple as: 1) Listen! 2) Review!

3) Share!

But here’s the fine print:

To be entered to win the Grand Prize you must complete steps 1-3:

1) Subscribe to the podcast, download an episode (not the trailer) & listen!

  • If sound quality is an issue for you, we would like to note that Episode 4 has much better sound quality than Episode 1! You don’t have to listen in order.

2) Leave a review on Apple Podcasts & send us a message to let us know you did! (either your username or screenshot) (+5 entries)

  • ***If you don’t have an Apple Product, either a computer or phone, please skip to the end. ***

3) Let’s say you listen to our episode and you don’t love it and don’t feel comfortable leaving a review that you then have to send to us. That sucks, but you shouldn’t be penalized from the giveaway for that! Instead, leave us a star rating and comment here that you did! (+2 entries only if you didn’t leave a review)

For extra entries you can:

4) Share this post in your stories or feed (+2 entries! - Max 3 times) be sure to tag us!

5) Comment on the giveaway post (either on Instagram or Twitter) with the name of someone you think would love the podcast! (+1 entry, max 3!) ***just commenting on the post without completing steps 1-3 will NOT enter you!!!***

6) Share our Tweet on twitter for an additional +1 entry!

So that’s a possible maximum of 15 entries per person!

***If you don’t have access to leave a review on Apple Podcasts, here is your other option:

Like our Facebook Page (@tnstrumpets on Facebook) and leave a review there! That will get you +3 entries! And then you can gain additional entries with steps 4-5.

We really want to reward Apple Podcast entries as much as possible as they are the most beneficial to us, but we want to include everyone for their hard work!

Additional Stuff:

The contest is in no way associated with Instagram. It is also not endorsed by The Ripped Bodice, Tessa Dare, or Ectogasm. They are just all cool and we like supporting them. You should too!

If we get more than 50 entries we will add a second and third prize of a mini embroidery & bookmark each!

If an international reviewer wins, they can choose the book they want from The Ripped Bodice and I will ship it to myself before mailing the package.

If you have any questions, please let us know! We hope you enjoy, and happy reviewing! FAQs:

What if I already left a review?

No worries, send us a screen shot and you'll be entered! Thanks for your support!

What if I'm international?

No worries, if you win, you will pick what you want from The Ripped Bodice, up to $25 including shipping, and we will put it in the one box we mail.

What if I don't have an Apple product?

Like our Facebook Page (@tnstrumpets on Facebook) and leave a review there! That will get you +3 entries! And then you can gain additional entries with steps 4-5.

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