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Guest Appearance: Guess What You're Gonna Hate? "Twilight"

Has the holiday season turned you into a Grinch yet? If you're not feeling particularly festive, take a break from the smiling and tune into Guess What You're Gonna Hate? a podcast that explores all the worst pop culture that the 2000s has to offer! On this particular 12 Days of Trashmas-themed episode, Tea & Strumpets very own Zoë (incidentally, also the author of this particular article) gets to kvetch about TWILIGHT.

Did you like Twilight? Well, so did she. But also RENESME? Like...come on. There's a lot to unpack, but we still got a lot fit into a tight twenty minutes.

Listen now on your podcatcher of choice! Or click here for Apple Podcasts or here for Google Podcasts!

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