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Guest Appearance - Pups n PopCulture!

This week, cohost Zoë got to gush about her awesome Bernese Mountain Dog on Pups n PopCulture! If you want to hear about puppyhood, the Bernese breed, trick training, and more, you should check it out! It's available everywhere you get podcasts, and also at Apple by clicking here!

Zoe from Tea and Strumpets joins Kate this week to talk her lady with the regal name, Her Grace, Lady Theodosia Snuffington. Just how did she get her long title and what kind of dog is she that has Kate very excited?

Plus Zoe talks trick training and the differences she found between working with horses and dogs. And what famous dogs are her favourites? Tune in now to find out!

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And as mentioned on the podcast, here is a photo of Thea and I floating in our pool!

Just a note here, I do spell her name as Duchess, no t ;)

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