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Historical Romance Magazine

We've mentioned it a few times in our podcast, but we wanted to get something out in writing about the awesome resource that is Historical Romance Magazine!

Historical Romance Magazine is reader-facing quarterly magazine featuring articles, columns by literary experts, author interviews, historical romance book reviews and a short story in each issue! And while it's strictly historicals (which we know you love if you're here!), HRM aims to please readers from inspirational..... to spicy! So no matter how you take your tea - there'll be something for you!

The digital premier issue is available FREE at so you can take a look at all it has to offer. In that premier issue, they feature exclusive interviews with Eloisa James and Rosanne Bittner. Recently they also interviewed Beverly Jenkins and Lauren of the American Duchess company as well!

Want to know more about the brains behind HRM? Well, it was founded by Charlotte Brothers and Renee Bernard who had the idea that readers of historical romance like pretty things (we concur) and finding new books, places to visit, recipes and friends in a way that's comfortable & congenial, as in - "from the comfort of your own home" and "between two covers" (we also concur and add in "from the volume of your headphones" or "between two airpods").

So take a moment to check out Historical Romance Magazine and all it has to offer!

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