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Recent Reads & Recommendations

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

So when I'm not reading for the podcast, I sometimes manage to get a "for fun" read snuck in!

Here are there great recent reads to tide you over while you're waiting for our launch!

1) Say No To The Duke - Eloisa James

For a fun, breeches-wearing hell-bent heroine I give this read a 6.5 out of 10. There were a lot of wigs which I found distracting, but Eloisa James is a fantastic writer (duh) and I love the Wilde family! If you haven't read this series yet, I suggest you start with #1! (I am a very hard critic, this is a great book).

Click image to buy!

2) Dreaming of You - Jennifer McNare

I found this one because of the "looking for a book" thread in one of my Goodreads book. The way the searcher described the plot was bonkers - but somehow it works! A demented and impotent earl forces his young bride to procreate with a kidnapped nobleman....and their encounters have to take place in the dark. Years later, they finally find each other. This book could have gotten super sketchy at times, but managed to tow the line and sparks were flllllyyying. Plus, I love a good Dad who takes responsibility. :) 7.5 out of 10 for this one! Also, this is free on Kindle right now! Click the image below to grab it while you can!

3) The Maiden Lane Series - Elizabeth Hoyt

Put those wigs back on and add a masked vigilante to the mix! If you're looking for a fantastic series, I am a huge fan of Maiden Lane. You MUST start at #1 - this is a great one that you get more out of when you let it build as it should - but all 11 books are wonderful. In fact, I think #1 may be one of the weaker ones, but I am such a fan (despite the wigs!). I just re-read this whole series for the second time....I started and just couldn't stop. I would give this series a 10/10! (each book gets different ratings of course, but as a series, it totally delivers.)

Happy Reading!

Note: The book images above are affiliate links - meaning that if you do decide to purchase the book through that link, a tiny (and boy, do I mean minuscule!) amount gets kicked back to us to help us fund the podcast. But, hey, every cent counts!

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