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summer 2019 new releases

The end of summer has seen a lot of historical romance authors who have a new book out. There have been so many to come out, I usually have to back track, just to match them up with the correct series. In the last month, these are the three new releases that I’ve read!

The Rogue to Ruin (Misadventures in Matchmaking Book 3) by Vivienne Lorret

I have to say this may have been my favorite in the series, which follows three sisters who have a love of Jane Austen’s Emma (on that I have to claim no comment as this may have been my least favorite Austen book I’ve attempted to read but as I’ve mentioned, I did not read it cover to cover) and are attempting to become the premiere matchmaker’s in London. Throughout the series, the oldest sister has been complaining about their neighbor Reed Sterling, who owns a gaming hell, which means this book is all about their romance!! Both characters had trauma’s in the past which make them hesitant to give in to temptations but luckily it does not stop them for long. The plot was thought out and it did not end with the antagonist being swept away without proper resolution and our characters c0me to a compromise that makes both parties feel fulfilled in order to make a relationship work. I highly recommend the series and I was so pleased our final sister got a book worthy of her character.

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The Wallflower Wager: Girl Meets Duke (Book 3) by Tessa Dare

I do not think I’ve ever disliked a book by Tessa Dare. Girl Meets Duke is her latest series and I’ve really enjoyed the characters. It follows the stories of four women who are outcasts of the London Ton for various reasons. This book follows the story of Lady Penelope Campion (Penny to her friends), who has made her home a rescue for animals injured or unwanted. She cannot say no to any creature in need. Her new neighbor, Gabriel Duke, is a self-made man who is instantly drawn to Penny and her caring nature. Despite his reputations, Gabriel has a hard time saying no to Penny and through a mutually beneficial arrangement, they grow closer to the point that Gabriel cannot imagine life without her. This installment is sweet and uplifting just like its heroine. Plus, we get a little tidbit that is going to make it hard for me to wait for book four!

One Fine Duke: School for Dukes (Book 3) by Lenora Bell

I’ve just seen the pattern between all these series. Which our Heroine Mina Penny would be proud of. Which each book of the series, Lenora Bell’s heroine’s get fiercer and fiercer. I love it! And it looks like book four will not disappoint either. I digress. I really enjoyed this book and how immediately upon meeting Mina, our Duke, Drew, was not only drawn to her but never looked down upon her or tried to mansplain the world to her. He was completely on board for her point of view, even if he did not understand right away. There was some wild adventure to be had, with my only meh moment being that the villain had so much build up that when we finally got to him I was underwhelmed. That being said, he was more there for the development of our heroine and served her purpose. My favorite part however, was when they agreed to marry, she told him she wanted to wait to have kids, he said as a Duke he needed an heir, but was happy to wait until she was ready. This was just a little blip but I felt it was so true to the characters and I always love a good honest conversation.

My biggest take away from all of these books was that in the end, our Heroine saved herself. I’m all for having a dashing hero save the day (after all, I do read romance), however, I’m always a bit disappointed when we have strong females who play damsel in the end. In each of these books, our females found a way to save themselves or in some cases save their man! In our day of looking for equality, these examples of women who can be strong from start to finish are very positive for readers. Plus is shows what a modern relationship should be: a partnership.

Happy Reading!

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