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the book we mentioned but didn't name

So in episode 2, we mentioned a book where wigs featured prominently, and we received this response (and similar others) from a listener!

I loveee historical facts, but the conversation about the other book with the wig was so frustrating! We didn't even get the name of it! What book was it?! Now I'm intrigued.

Well, sorry about that folks, but we're here to rectify that today! The book is none other than Say No To The Duke by Eloisa James!

I recommended it on another blog post, where I said:

For a fun, breeches-wearing hell-bent heroine I give this read a 6.5 out of 10. There were a lot of wigs which I found distracting, but Eloisa James is a fantastic writer (duh) and I love the Wilde family! If you haven't read this series yet, I suggest you start with #1! (I am a very hard critic, this is a great book).

So get started on Say No to the Duke today! Click the image below to pick up your copy and support the show at the same time.

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