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Your Ultimate Bridgerton Starter Guide

New to The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn? Or perhaps you just need a refresher? Here's all you need to dive deep into one of our favorite families - now on Netflix!


Can’t wait to find out all the delicious secrets of the ton? Want to know who ends up with who? (Although we know that the series may deviate from the books slightly on this.) Well, look no further than the fabulous, funny, and feminist source material itself. Julia Quinn has nine Bridgerton volumes and two additional series that are Bridgerton-adjacent. You can pick up the series from Amazon of course, but if you’d like a signed copy, Julia’s local independent bookstore University Book Store can hook you up with that.


It wasn't enough for us to read and watch The Bridgertons, but we needed to talk about it too! We have one full episode for every Bridgerton book, minisodes for the second epilogues, and we'll be releasing eight recap episodes for the first season of the Netflix show, starting in February. Whew!

Our recap episodes feature author facts, a full (spoiler-filled!) synopsis of each book, plus our general discussion and thoughts. They are a short(er) way to learn about or refresh yourself on the plot of the stories, and to give you an opportunity to listen in on a critical discussion about the characters and plot. Plus we gush about the wit of Lady Whistledown and the handsome lords and ladies of the ton. It's a good time.

We suggest you start with our episode on The Duke and I. It's a bit of a long one, so if you'd like to skip ahead to any sections, our outline is below the player! You can also subscribe to us anywhere you get podcasts, and all of our Bridgerton episodes can be found here.

Intro: 0:00 - 07:00

Author Facts: 07:00 - 09:44

History Facts: 09:44 - 12:49

Tropes: 12:49 - 14:47

Bridgerton Series Intro: 14:47 - 16:28

Duke & I Synopsis: 16:28 - 01:08:57

Parlour: 01:08:57 - 01:12:56

General Discussion: 01:12:56 - 01:43:02


Many of the cast and crew of Bridgerton are on social media and they’re putting out great content. Tons of behind the scenes pictures and videos are popping up, plus the people themselves are delightful to learn about. So if you're not already following @phoebedynevor, @regejean, @chrisvandusen, and of course @nicolacoughlan, we recommend you do for an immediate injection of Bridgerton to your feeds. And the most important of all: @juliaquinnauthor!

Have any questions or thoughts on The Bridgertons? Leave a comment below or send us an email at!

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