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Short, Sweet, Seasonal & Swoonworthy

This holiday season I have read an abundance of Holiday novellas. Perhaps it's not as many as you, but it's a record for me! In the past few weeks, with the combination of the podcast, research for the podcast, book club, and real life, I've gone through 8. While we had some winners and some that weren't quite up to snuff, I did come across something that I loved but didn't quite fit for a podcast episode! Tucked away in a cozy corner of Tessa Dare's website is the gem that is The Perks of Seducing a Wallflower. Got 5-10 minutes in your day and need a pick me up? Look no further than this practically perfect love-snippet. It's a short holiday tidbit, ready to brighten your day.

Tessa introduces it as this:

This is an original holiday short story, written for a 2012 Christmas blog event on the theme “A wallflower makeover on Christmas Eve.” In the past, I’ve written a Christmas wallflower novella (Once Upon a Winter’s Eve) and greatly enjoyed writing a quiet, reserved heroine who comes into her own. But with this story, I thought it would be fun to give that well-loved trope a few twists. Enjoy!

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