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020 - Resilience with Kerrigan Byrne

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

This week sat down with Kerrigan Byrne to talk all about her journey as an author. Well, that’s where we started, but honestly the alternate title of this episode could have been “I Digress: The Podcast Story.” But don’t let that turn you away, because with each twist and turn, the conversation got even more interesting! And throughout, we kept coming back to Kerrigan's amazing resilience to any naysayers in her day to day life as well as the poignant resilience of the characters she crafts. We budgeted an hour and a half for our chat but we could have gone on all day! So get comfortable and enjoy our inspiring morning with Kerrigan Byrne!

Thank you again to Kerrigan Byrne for joining us for this episode! Support the show and pick up one of her fantastic books, here! You can pick up a copy of Kerrigan's current favorite romance, The Dark Highlander by Karen Marie Moning, here! Follow her on Instagram @kerriganbyrne Follow her on Twitter @kerrigan_byrne Check out her website at

Check out a clip of the episode below!

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