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059 - Getting Published in Romance with Avery Flynn and Stacey Agdern

We're back this week with our Romance Chats series in conjunction with the Escondido Public Library! And this time we're talking publishing. How *do* you get published in romance? For every person, the story is different, and today, there are lots of ways to become published. As the average romance reader is voracious, it makes sense that so many of us are inspired to try our hand at it! When you consume something that you love so so much, it’s easy to start imagining your own stories and how you’d do it. But, how do you take the first step? And what’s the step after that? So today we are going to be speaking with authors Avery Flynn and Stacey Agdern about their publishing journeys, all the bumps along the way, and tips they have for those starting out!

Thank you so much to the Escondido Library and librarian Jessica Buck for inviting us to participate in these fabulous chats. If you'd like to watch the videos from this series, check them out here!

Thank you to Avery Flynn and Stacey Agdern for joining us this week!

Check out Avery's books here and Stacey's books here!

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