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127 - Something Spectacular

Peggy has just convinced herself that she needs to find someone to love her as she is, when her former lover calls her back to London to ask a favor. Peggy is tasked with setting up her former lover up with the new opera sensation in town, Orfeo. As soon as they two meet the attraction is instantaneous. However, Orfeo has told Peggy that they only have room to love music, which is not exactly what Peggy was looking for. Despite knowing that their relationship has an end date, Peggy is determined to enjoy Orfeo for as long as possible. Yet as the two grow closer, they never could have imagined good-bye could be so hard. Join us as we read Something Spectacular by Alexis Hall!

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We include our synopses as a semi-transcription of the episode in our blog posts. You can learn more about how we compose these by reading this article. As a reminder though, our synopses are FULL of spoilers. Read ahead at your own risk :)

Something Spectacular Synopsis :

  • Peggy Delancey is feeling unfulfilled. She is unable to have a relationship with the woman she loves and her heart is feeling very broken.

  • She is realizing she wants to have what her parents have, a loving partnership where they can really be themselves.

  • Peggy has also realized she enjoys living more outside of London where she is not forced in dresses and being a proper lady. She would much rather be in the country where she can ride, fence, and where breeches to her heart’s content.

  • Then, as she’s trying to figure out how to move on from Belle Tarleton, she receives a summons asking for her help in a very important matter.

  • Belle insists that she thinks she has found a person whom she can fall in love with. Someone who is Spectacular. She is sorry she cannot love Peggy they way she would like, but so far she’s never felt love for anyone and is honestly worried about being alone.

  • Peggy reluctantly agrees to be wing-woman to Belle, and that is how she finds herself at a musical and having to sit through opera.

  • However, she is amazed when Orfeo sings their aria. She has never been moved by music before but this is something else. It’s too much really and when she tries to leave, she ends up fainting.

  • Which is what makes Orfeo so intrigued by Peggy. They approach her after the performance and invite her to meet them in a more private setting.

  • Peggy initially refuses but Belle convinces her to go anyway. Mainly to try and talk up Belle but it is made very clear Orfeo has no interest in Belle.

  • After they meet, Peggy is convinced it is not a good idea to pursue anything with Orfeo, even though she is very much enamored with them. Orfeo makes it very clear that they can only be temporary because music must be their first love and passion.

  • However, they see Peggy for who she is. Something other than simply male or female. Which is a heady experience for Peggy who always feels she doesn’t fit into people’s expectations of her.

  • After going back and forth, Peggy decides that she is going to pursue a temporary affair with Orfeo. She may get her heart broken but it is something she does not feel she can deny herself and is therefore willing to commit to a temporary affair while Orfeo has shows in London.

  • Things get hot and heavy quickly and our characters bring out the best in each other. Peggy helps Orfeo take more control of their life and their finances, which previously they had let their patron handle.

  • Peggy also begins to feel more empowered to make decisions for herself, such as cutting her hair in a shorter style and finding a house of her own to rent in the country just outside the country.

  • Despite their words to the contrary, Orfeo is hurt by Peggy looking at houses in the country. Their esteem for her has grown and they feel it might be worth exploring what a life together could look like.

  • Just as they are coming to these realizations, their MIA patron sweeps back in and Orfeo decides to leave Peggy and return to the Marquess. They admit they love Peggy, but the Marquess makes them feel that it is either Peggy or Opera. So they choose music.

  • Peggy is hurt but she has always known their affair was temporary and she decides to move on despite the broken heart.

  • Luckily, it is only a short time later that Orfeo comes back to apologize for leaving Peggy and asking to renew their relationship, however it might look like.

  • So they start again, making a life and a family that is perfectly them.

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